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How Honeycomb Gained 157 Leads In 4 Months


Honeycomb India is an integrated marketing communication agency, founded in 2008, with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. They specialize in providing innovative creative design and marketing services to leading corporations in various sectors like Lifestyles, IT, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Educational, Manufacturing & Automotive.


Honeycomb wanted to explore email outreach as a channel to reach more prospects, but the process of researching, writing, and sending emails was taking up a significant amount of their time. They were also facing the challenge of outsourcing to lead-gen agencies who were either charging high monthly retainers or high prices for each meeting booked.


Honeycomb tried to run cold email campaigns on their own, but their in-house team couldn't cope with the scale required for researching and reaching out to potential clients, writing copy that converts, or sending out the quantity of emails they anticipated due to restrictions from email service providers.


Honeycomb turned to Skaleo to help them with their outbound lead generation campaigns. We purchased 10 secondary domains and 20 mailboxes which were warmed up for 3 weeks. Our team identified all the possible titles of he influencers based on the client's ICP and built a list of 8,500+ prospects spread over 4 months with accurate criteria including company size, location, verified emails, and Linkedin profiles.

We drafted 7-part email message sequences to engage and connect, and plugged the lists and copy into a drip campaign tool to reach out to prospects on autopilot. Our system sent approximately 26,000 emails to these prospects, which generated 157 positive responses with strategic follow-up.


We have successfully secured discovery meetings for Honeycomb with top brands like Siemens, Zoomcar, Apollo Hospitals, OnMobile, Ajanta Pharma, StockEdge, GKB Opticals, Clayfin, Iron Mountain, Regal Rexnord, and many others.

Results Snapshot

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meetings secured

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