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How Rafiki Gained 122 Positive Responses In Just 2 Months


Rafiki is a Mumbai-based data-driven marketing company founded in 2018 by Arjun Sawhney and Sunaina Basu. Specializing in customer-centric strategies, they offer services like Google ads, influencer marketing, and content marketing to fuel the growth of forward-thinking brands.


Rafiki recognized the potential of email outreach as an effective channel to reach their target audience and generate leads. Yet, they struggled with time-consuming tasks like researching prospects, writing personalized emails, and sending a lot of messages. They wanted a dependable partner to simplify their outbound lead generation and get better outcomes.


Rafiki mainly got new customers through referrals, but they struggled to find other ways to attract leads in their target market. Despite trying hard to find potential customers, they faced challenges dealing with gatekeepers and tough competition in the industry.


To tackle Rafiki's lead generation challenges, we provided a custom email outreach solution. Our targeted research uncovered untapped segments and high-quality leads. Using industry insights, we identified new prospects aligned with their ICP (ideal customer profile).

To surpass gatekeepers, we adopted a personalized approach. Our skilled team created compelling email sequences tailored to each prospect's needs. By highlighting relevant case studies and offering valuable insights, our emails stood out and grabbed stakeholders' attention.

Through focused email campaigns, we continue to position Rafiki as a trusted industry resource, expanding their reach, building meaningful connections, and generating leads beyond traditional referrals.

Results Snapshot (Sep '23 - Ongoing)

prospects contacted


interested leads



emails sent


meetings secured

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