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How A Loyalty Marketing Agency Gained 116 Leads In 120 Days


The client is a Mumbai-based loyalty agency founded in 2015, with a major focus on sectors like banking, automotive, FMCG and consumer electronics. They have a team of experts in customer engagement, loyalty programs, and data analytics.


They are operating in a fairly competitive niche. Therefore, it was important for them to identify the target audience, find as many prospects as possible, and generate more sales opportunities to make the most of the upcoming festive season.


The client tried to promote themselves on their own, but the process was very slow. Their in-house team couldn't cope with the scale required to research and reach out to as many potential clients as possible within a limited period of time.


The agency appointed us to help them with their email outreach campaigns. We set up 10 secondary domains and 20 mailboxes which were warmed up for 3 weeks. Our team identified all the possible titles of the influencers based on the client's ICP and built a list of 7,500 prospects spread over 4 months with accurate criteria including company size, location, verified emails, and Linkedin profiles.

We drafted 5-part email message sequences to engage and connect, and plugged the lists and copy into a drip campaign tool to reach out to prospects on autopilot. Our system sent approximately 23,200 emails to these prospects, which generated 116 sales opportunities for the client with strategic follow-up.

Results Snapshot

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