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We scale agencies by plugging sales pipeline leaks with smart automation.

100% done-for-you. Endless possibilities.

Automate your sales grind.

No more chasing leads, fussing over paperwork, or drowning in spreadsheets and repetitive emails.

Focus on what matters - delivering outstanding results for your clients.

Save 100+

Hours Monthly

Reduce Labor Costs by 60%

2X Your Sales Revenues

The Skaleo Process

We audit your sales pipeline and find opportunities to plug any leaks by combining AI-powered automation and human skills.

Step 4

Optimize and Evolve

We continuously manage and enhance the automated processes for ongoing growth.

Step 3

Develop and Test

We utilize proprietary and thrird-party automation tools and integrate with your existing tech stack.

Step 2

Identify Opportunities

We scrutinize your sales processes to find the best opportunities for automation with the highest returns.

Step 1
Explore Your Sales Flow

We sketch out a visual roadmap of your sales systems, tasks, and tech stack.

Our clients love running these workflows on autopilot.

It makes their sales team 10X more efficient and helps them sell better.

Email Outreach

Setup domains, warmup mailboxes, find prospects, craft messages, schedule sends, and track performance. 


Capture leads, integrate CRM, book meetings, send proposals & contracts, facilitate & track invoicing.

LinkedIn Outreach

Find prospects, view profiles, send invites, like posts, craft messages, schedule DMs, and strategic follow-ups.

Client Onboarding

Capture needs, set expectations, gather info, assign team members, and welcome clients seamlessly.

What Our Clients Say

"We were tired of relying solely on referrals until we partnered with Skaleo. Their innovative multichannel outreach systems helped us reach new clients and expand our business exponentially."

Satish Kumar,

“Skaleo has truly boosted our sales opportunities and opened up untapped sectors for us. Thanks to their outbound systems, our business is thriving.”

Kyle Calove,

Vid Estates

“Skaleo's email outreach system has done wonders for our company. They assisted us in closing a significant deal within a short period, and we have more promising opportunities lined up.”

Vivek Shah,
Dice Tech

Pricing Calculator


  • What's included in the email outreach system?
    We build 100% done-for-you email outreach systems for agencies. Email outreach system includes: Enriched & verified prospect data based on ICP Hyper-personalized outreach copies Secondary domains setup Multiple mailboxes setup Account warmup for better deliverability Drip campaigns setup Master Inbox setup Real time dashboard access Interested leads added to CRM Discovery calls booked with warm leads
  • How many prospects do you reach out to every month?
    We understand the importance of reaching out to a substantial number of prospects to generate meaningful meetings for your business. Hence, our packages start at min. 1000 prospects outreach per month. Based on our results we've seen, our agency clients typically generate 10-15 meetings monthly. However, it's important to note that these numbers can vary depending on factors such as your target market, case studies, offer and value proposition.
  • Do I get to review the prospect lists and outreach messages?
    Of course yes. We send all the prospect lists to our clients for approval, to ensure the data is in sync with their ideal client profile. We also share all the outreach sequences with our clients for approval, before the start of any campaign.
  • Can I track the performance of my drip campaigns?
    Yes, we provide real-time dashboard access with detailed analytics and reporting for your drip campaigns. You'll be able to track open rates, reply rates, and other relevant metrics to measure the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. We'll also pass all the interested leads directly to your CRM.
  • How does the pay-per-meeting model work?
    Once we receive a positive response from a campaign, we nurture the lead further to book a discovery call with you. We charge on a pay-per-meeting basis, where you pay for each discovery meeting completed (via phone, online or in-person). Payments are made in advance, in slots of 10 meetings each.
  • How do you qualify leads for meetings?
    As a standard global practice, leads are qualified using the ICP (Ideal Client Profile)-fit and BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing) framework or similar variations. At Skaleo, we consider a meeting to be qualified if the lead satisfies the following criteria: ICP fit: The lead aligns with the agency's ideal customer profile, meaning they share characteristics that make them a good, long-term client. Authority: The lead has the authority or decision-making power within their organization to approve and implement marketing strategies or campaigns. Need: The lead has clearly demonstrated need for the agency's services. Please note: Budget and Timing of the lead will only be known after the discovery call/meeting. A meeting cannot be disqualified once the client joins it.
  • How can my agency get started with Skaleo's services?
    To get started with Skaleo, simply reach out to our team through our website or contact information. We'll schedule a consultation to discuss your agency's requirements and tailor a solution that fits your objectives.
  • I have more questions. Whom can I contact?
    Please reach out to or Whatsapp us at +91 78922 13135. We'll answer your queries at the earliest.
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